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  January 27, 2020

Why Winning Brandon Hall’s Candidate Experience Management Gold Award is Important

Last week, Survale won Brandon Hall Group’s Gold Award for Best Advance in Candidate Experience Management in their annual Technology Excellence Award Program. In fact, our talent feedback platform also won a Silver Award for Best Advance in Unique Talent Acquisition Technology, too.

Survale is used to winning awards. We’ve racked up several in our nearly four years since bringing our talent feedback platform to market in 2016.

The important part about this year’s win is that the award has is called Candidate Experience Management and our submission to the award committee was rooted in recruiting success, not candidate satisfaction. After all, the award has “management” in the name. 

Too often, recruiting leaders think of candidate experience feedback as periodic surveys designed to measure candidate satisfaction levels.

But this award isn’t about making candidates smile, and really, neither is Survale.

Candidate Experience Management and the Age of Experiential Recruiting Data

For our clients, Survale’s experiential feedback analytics enable them to understand what’s happening with their recruiting processes, optimize them and align their hiring teams around common metrics. Metrics that are rooted in experience, rather than time stamps and quantitative data typically pulled from the ATS.

Sure, Survale clients experience an average of 25% higher candidate satisfaction scores (many as much as 50% higher). But the reasons they are more satisfied are:

  • An organization asked them how THEY feel about the process
  • An organization asked them while they were still IN the recruiting process
  • An organization asked them about a specific piece of the process, not a broad assessment of the entire process.
  • An organization continued to check in with them throughout the process
  • An organization listened to their feedback and acted upon it
  • An organization listened to all the job seekers who came before and used that feedback to improve their process
  • An organization made candidate feedback metrics core to their week in/week out management of the recruiting process

I think too many recruiting leaders give lip service to candidate satisfaction as a broad measure or barometer of the many facets of candidate experience. The perception is that this measure is nice to have, but not strategic because hired candidates are satisfied and rejected candidates are dissatisfied. Can’t be helped.

The reality is that ALL the feedback that is collected when measuring candidate satisfaction is the basis of understanding and optimizing your recruiting process and the whole recruiting function. And while hired candidates tell you what you want to hear, rejected candidates tell you how you can get it right. 

Rejected candidate feedback is sometimes hard to hear, but you can’t manage candidate experience if you don’t get honest feedback that points you to the problems in your process.

So Survale’s ability to integrate with your career site and ATS and collect real-time experiential pulse data after each interaction, whether digital or face to face, has changed the game. Once recruiting leaders see Survale dashboards and the data they get, there is a common response: “I want that! How do I get that!”

This new, Best Advance in “Unique” Talent Acquisition Technology that provides the Best Advance in Candidate Experience Management Technology is changing the way the Enterprise manages recruiting…AND increasing candidate satisfaction. S0 as you can see, the award names kind of bury the lead.

Our thanks go out to Brandon Hall Group for their efforts in promoting great technology throughout the HR and learning stack (and their good judgement, of course). Here is our official release about our multiple awards and here is a link to a video demo of Survale.

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