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5 Diversity Recruitment Mistakes You Might Be Making

One of the most important initiatives for any organization right now is hiring for diversity and inclusion. It’s great to have a plan for bringing in people from an array of cultures and perspectives, but getting the right plan in place can be challenging for a business of any size. If you’re looking to step up your […]

Recruiting? What If Your Team Is White And Male?

With the major West Coast tech companies publicly announcing their employee diversity stats, an honest conversation is starting about the dominance of white male culture in most large tech organizations. Good intentions and accountability can make a difference, but the difficult question remains about how to change. Of course, for tech companies, there is unquestionably […]

How can technology help in building a Diverse and Inclusive workforce?

Designed by rawpixel.com / Freepik The last couple of years have seen a singular focus on diversity and inclusion in this highly-volatile business world. And for good reason. A diverse and inclusive workforce can improve profitability and deliver better business results. Besides, it can drive a company’s innovative strategies and give it a competitive advantage. […]

Does Employer Brand Affect Diversity?

Do you know if your employer brand affects diversity levels in your talent pool and, therefore, your employee population? Do you really? Of course, most organizations who focus on such things spend a fair amount of time trying to amplify ways in which their commitment to diversity can strengthen their employer brand. And as we […]