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  January 27, 2020

Want to Win a CandE Award AND Get Higher Candidate Satisfaction Ratings?

Want to get higher candidate satisfaction ratings? Want to win the Talent Board’s CandE Award?  Most recruiting organizations would say “Yes Please!”

Over the last couple of weeks Survale has announced a few big pieces of news that support both those goals. 

Survale Clients Win Big at the 2019 CandE Awards

First, six Survale clients won CandE Awards this year. The Talent Board’s CandE Research and  Award Program is an amazing annual project for benchmarking candidate experience and recognizing organizations that are providing excellent candidate experiences.

Survale clients Dent Wizard, Workiva, CSAA Insurance Group, Sharp Healthcare, Virtusa, and Synchrony Financial all won awards this year. They all use Survale day in and day out to understand and optimize their candidate experience and their recruiting process and strategy. They are to be congratulated.

An Easy Way to Enter the CandE Awards

Secondly, we also announced a new program for all Survale clients whereby Survale will handle CandE award entry and manage distribution of the CandE program survey for all Survale clients who opt it. Because Survale is the data platform that the Talent Board uses to conduct their research, Survale is uniquely able to not only cover the entry cost, but also automatically send the CandE survey to the clients’ candidates on their behalf, eliminating the work of having to export the candidate data from their ATS and email the survey link.

We want every client to win a CandE Award! And because they already gather feedback from candidates year ‘round, and use it to optimize their candidate experience, they tend to do well (see above). To be clear, the Talent Board is a Survale Partner and has no affiliation with Survale and vice versa. We are two completely separate organizations.

Survale Clients Realize an Average 25% Increase in Candidate Satisfaction Ratings

Finally, we announced the results of an internal analysis of our client base which found that Survale clients showed an average increase in candidate satisfaction ratings of 25% after implementing Survale. 

Actually, some clients saw a near 50% increase in candidate satisfaction ratings. 

Survale integrates with an organization’s ATS and gathers pulse feedback at each stage of the hiring journey. Clients use this data to optimize candidate experience AND their entire recruitment process. Because the feedback data is tied to key steps in the process, this real time, experiential data becomes a key tool for managing their recruitment process, mitigating issues and informing recruitment, communications and employer brand strategy 365 days a year.

The fact that there is an average 25% increase in candidate satisfaction rating for Survale clients is huge. An IBM study found that “satisfied candidates” were 38% more likely to accept an offer. Imagine getting 38% more of your first choice candidates! 

Imagine the cost savings and productivity gains associated with getting nearly 40% more first choice hires. And that might be the least of the benefits of using candidate, recruiter and hiring manager feedback to manage your recruiting process and strategies!

The bottom line is that candidate experience is a key piece of a successful recruiting effort. And Survale has put together an attractive package for boosting candidate satisfaction ratings and leveraging that success into the international recognition that a CandE Award provides.

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