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  November 24, 2020

Part 4 – Videos Candidates Crave: Apply

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Ah! The transaction! So close to finished. Not so fast… If you look at the candidate journey, you’ll see that the transaction isn’t even close to the final step in our journey, best case, it’s the middle.

And yet, as recruitment marketers, we tend to put the end point here even though we know this isn’t the end. How do we know this is where we put the final recruitment marketing finish line? Look at how you communicate post apply. Sending any videos pre-apply? Probably. Sending any post apply? Didn’t think so. But you should. The. Journey. Does. Not. End. At. Apply!

Video has so much power to get people to click that “apply” button, finish the application, and stay excited while they wait to hear back. Video reinforces why they are interested in the position.

Emotionally, they need to feel that they have a chance to get this job. They need to know the characteristics of people who are successful in the job. They need to know how long the application will take and how long it might take to hear back. They need to be convinced that this job is worth their time to apply. They need to know that their skills, time, energy, and background will be valued. They need to understand how you’ve handled COVID-19. They want to know they will be safe in applying, interviewing, and working there. The candidates who are about the click “Submit” need to feel confident.

Which is a high bar considering we are frequently using the word “submit” at the end of a job application. When I see the word “submit”, it doesn’t evoke feelings of safety. Which brings us to a deep dive on calls to action. Believe it or not, your word choice, button color, and size all make a difference on what gets clicked.

When it comes to video as a catalyst to convince candidates to click that well-crafted call to action, here are some things that will meet not only their informational, but their emotional needs as well:

Hiring Manager Introduction

They want to see their manager. Full stop. Our own research shows a hiring manager introductory video makes them 60% more likely to apply. Have your hiring managers record a simple 20-second video to talk about the appealing aspects of this job: the challenges, the impact, the expertise gained and the satisfaction. Simply, have the hiring manager introduce themselves and talk about this specific job with enough detail that the candidates can make an informed decision to opt-in or opt-out.

Location Tour

One of the great mysteries of work is, location. Show candidates who want to apply, but pause, what the environment is like. In the age of COVID, they will also want to know when you’re expecting to go back there. If you’re still working remotely and plan to for the remainder of the year, tell them what you’ll provide in the home office. Tell them how you’ll collaborate virtually. They want to understand commutes, elevators, open vs. cube spaces. Show them the factory floor, the warehouse. Show them where they will be working to break down barriers between the interest in applying and the drudgery of the application.

Day in the Life

This is where you can really differentiate. Changing jobs is scary, now more than ever. If you can show someone what their day will be like by someone who is doing that job already, you will get them clicking that apply button. They want to know what the job really is, so they know what to expect. They want the details, and nitty gritty. And they want it from the people who are doing the job.  Informal videos from co-workers are credible and persuasive.

Team introduction

People often cite the best part about their current job, and why they are reticent to leave, is their co-workers. It is important to them that they meet the people they may work with. Have the team talk about how they work together, what the manager is like, and the characteristics of people who are successful in this job.

Lastly, think about building a “thank you” video. Today’s “thanks for applying” email and landing page are horrifying. They damage your brand because they are bland, dry and bordering on rude. Use this opportunity to have the hiring manager and team record a simple message that you can display on the thank you page as well as in the email. This message should be simple, acknowledge the time and energy they put into their application, and that your organization is thrilled to have their attention.

Getting the candidate from hovering over the apply button, to completing the application, to being excited about the next step is THE place to use video to personalize this challenging part of the journey. When we do this well, we keep candidates engaged, excited and feeling valued, even after the transaction.

For more ideas like the Thank You video, be sure to download our Video Strategy Framework. There are scads of ideas that are actionable right now on calls to action, distribution, and unique ideas to get more from your current video assets.

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